Okay, the quote in the subject line? We didn’t hear that, verbatim, but the intent was still the same.

My BDSM group has a munch — basically, a super-casual get-together at a local bar/restaurant — once a month. Because my city is so conservative, and because the munch is held in a public (a.k.a., “vanilla”) place, we all dress — and act — like any other customers in the bar. We have no desire to bring down any sort of Moral Majority wrath upon us.

We’ve had this munch once a month at the same bar for the past 11 years. That’s a long fucking time, no?

At the beginning of the summer, the owners of the bar decided to retire, and they sold the bar to their (adult) kids.

(Surely you can see where this is going.)

The kids closed the bar for a few months to do some cosmetic/fire code renovations, and it just re-opened last week. Last night we had our first munch there since ownership changed hands.

The new manager told us last night that we are not welcome to return, because they want to maintain a “family” atmosphere.

Let me be crystal clear about this: anyone else at that bar — unless they previously knew what our group was — would NEVER know what our group was. Everyone is in jeans and t-shirts. No leather. No collars, no kinky shit of any kind. No behavior that even HINTS toward being kinky. Half the time the conversation is about computers, because MANY members are IT geeks.

Anyone wandering in to one of our munches would not know what our group was, unless they asked. We have NEVER been, in any way, any less “family-oriented” than any of the other customers who come to the bar, get hammered, and try to pick up someone for a one-night stand.

I’m seething. And flabbergasted. And, sadly, not entirely surprised.

Fuckers. Fuck them and their fucking “family-oriented” bar. Assclowns.