Small party tonight; a lot of the people I’ve already come to think of as “regulars” weren’t there, which was odd. But the group that was there was still, by and large, quite enjoyable. I played, a little, with the guy who has the Violet Wand. I kept all my clothes on, which turned out to make the electricity conduct even better (something about the clothes creating a layer of interference; I can’t really remember, and I’m pretty tired and spacey right now anyway).

[Note: this is not an uncontrolled electric current; it’s about as strong as a TENS unit, that’s all. It wasn’t cattle-prod time.]

Like last time (when T. tied me up), people stood around and watched, but unlike last time, it didn’t bother me at all. I have no idea why. Well, maybe I do — being tied up is such a deep-rooted kink for me, one I’ve had for as long as I can remember, I felt really exposed to let people see it; but getting zapped with electricity has never been a kink for me, so it didn’t feel like I was letting people see my deep dark secret.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the electricity would zap me in just the right (or wrong) spot, and I’d yelp and/or kick my little feet, which was pretty entertaining to the people watching. On the whole, though, it was really freaking cool. Back in February, when I joined this group, if you had told me I’d be digging electric play, I would have told you that was crazy talk. And yet….

Afterwards, I was craving a cheeseburger in the worst way. Because people tend to want to eat after a scene, there’s always a spread of food at these parties (potluck). But cheeseburgers were not on the menu. I ate a deviled egg and a cookie or two, but I knew that I had to stop for a burger on the way home. I just finished the burger, actually (thank you, 24-hour McDonald’s drive-thru!), and now I need to crawl into bed.