I think that Easter weekend isn’t the *best* time for a BDSM convention, but the fact that one is even happening so close to my super-conservative city is a guarantee that I’d attend. And I’ve never been to a BDSM event that’s this large, so I really wanted to check it out.

A BDSM convention is no different than any other convention I’ve been to. You have your geeks who specialize in a niche area, in-joke-y tee shirts, panels, and parties. I went to one workshop Friday, on wax play, which was kind of nifty and pretty in a Jackson Pollock way.

(I am, as always, amazed at the number of people who have no problem being naked in front of strangers. And my burning need to NOT see naked asses has not abated one bit.)

Saturday was a workshop on flogging (Flogging 101, in fact), which I definitely needed. I learned a LOT from it. That was followed by a workshop on sensory manipulation, which gave me a lot of evil ideas. Yes.

Saturday night was a LARGE play party — probably the largest I’ve been to yet — where I got to observe a lot of different types of play that I’ve never seen before, and I got to participate in some scenes myself. I did a brief impact play scene with T. — me as top, him as bottom — and then when he went to take his shift as DM, I asked M. if he’d flog me, and he readily agreed.

Sunday I went back for one last workshop, on mindfucks and phobias. The presenter had mice with him (cute!!!), as well as crickets, 2 snakes, and a tarantula. Now, the tarantula was never anywhere near me, and it *still* freaked me out, which I *so* wasn’t expecting. I mean, not hysterical freaked out, or anything. But I *did* grab K.’s arm in a deathgrip and didn’t let go until the tarantula was back in its cage. Ack.

The weekend was a good experience for me, overall. I’m glad I went, though I wish I had gotten to meet more people. Next year, I guess.