Party last night. Pretty low-key. T. showed up so late that we didn’t have a chance to play, because his DM shift started about 30 minutes after he got to the party. And, I admit, that made me really cranky.

But I just shuffled around talking to people and eating cheese, and then one of the doms asked me if I would flog his wife’s back and bottom while he attached clothespins to various parts. I asked if she would be okay with it, and he said “She’s my slave; she doesn’t get a say in it.” And I just gave him The Look, because while I totally understand that master/slave relationships are like that, that still doesn’t mean that *I* have to be a part of that dynamic. And I *do,* honestly, feel weird about ignoring another person’s agency like that, particularly when it’s a woman. But then he said “Okay, seriously — she trusts my judgement, and I’ve seen you flog T., and I trust you, so if you’d like to help out, that would be great.” So I did. Nothing major, or hard, but still fun to do.

(Later, after they were done, I asked her if that was okay, and told her what her husband said, and she said “Yeah, it’s always weird when I realize that it’s not him who’s flogging me, but at the same time I *do* trust him to not let someone inexperienced come near me, so it’s definitely okay that you helped him.”)

At the very end of the night, one of the other guys asked if I wanted to be on the receiving end of the flogger, and I thought, you know, I’m still cranky and I’m annoyed, and maybe I need it beaten out of me. So he flogged me well and thoroughly. And honestly, when he was finished, I *did* feel better. I chalk it up to the endorphins.