I’m getting really lax with the posting, which is partly unintentional, and partly because my life is, sadly, not a continual merry-go-round of kinkery, beatings, piss play (come on, Google search, do your worst!), bondage, and dungeon debauchery.

Hm. If I ever re-name this blog, maybe I’ll name it Dungeon Debauchery. (Hell, that’s probably already taken.)

Anyway. The title of this post comes from a recent evening of fun I had with T. I’ve been running strictly more dominant for a little while now (6 weeks? 8 weeks?), for no real reason that I can point to, but it sure is fun.

I admit that I took the inspiration for my evil machinations with T. from a post by Devastating Yet, in which she describes making her slave ask for each stroke with the paddle by saying, “Please, Mistress.”

(T. doesn’t call me “Mistress” when I top, because I just don’t think it suits me. I settled on “Ma’am,” alternated with — entirely *his* idea — “Miss [LastName].” Which I would have thought I would dislike, because it sounds schoolmarm-ish, but instead I find it charming. And HOT. I mean, *really.* T.’s submission is so. fucking. hot. It feels unfair, sometimes, that I get off on it as much as I do.)

So I did essentially the same thing with T. — he laid on his back and then I tied his wrists to his ankles (he’s disgustingly flexible) so that his ass was easily accessible to me. He prefers to be blindfolded and gagged, or hooded, so that he can focus on the physical sensation. However, *I* like him to be able to look me in the eye; or, rather, *I* like to look him in the eye, and see his reactions. And he needed to be un-gagged for this so that he could ask me, “More, please, Ma’am.”

Oh, my god. It is SO fucking sexy, and, honestly, so seductive to have a willing victim *ask* for each stroke with the crop (or switch, or wooden spoon). Submissives have GOT to know how sexy they are when they do that — it gives them some measure of power, you know? The “Yeah, you *want* me” measure of power.

Later, when we were finished, T. told me that he liked having to ask for each stroke….and that he can’t wait to do the same thing to *me,* the next time *I* bottom. Meep! (He also called it “total mindfuckery.” Hence the title of this post.)