In a recent post, Bitchy Jones talks about service submissives, and how the cliche of the sissified male sub in a French maid’s outfit, doing housework or some sort of work that falls in the category of “chore,” is not a kink for her.

A woman I know who is very much a dom is the type of dom who is always looking for male subs who will do housework/yardwork/handyman-type work around her place. She’s not inclined to inflict pain on them, or tie them up, or carry out any other type of nefarious deed upon their submissive asses. She makes no bones about the fact that she’s gathering a stable of service submissives.

And I tell you what, I have been at her place and seen them working for her, and they work HARD. And look properly adoring towards her while doing all her yardwork, etc.

The thing is — I just don’t get it. I don’t get what the erotic thrill is, for her (or any dom) in having a submissive come over and…clean the house. Or mow the lawn. Yes, I understand that service submission emphasizes the power exchange between dom and sub. And you have never seen as big a fan of exchanging power as I am. But when it comes to housework, well, I’d be grateful and all, but it’s still not erotic for me.

Which has led me to ask, more than once, isn’t it just a way to get your house cleaned by someone else without paying for it?

Maybe it’s just that chores like housework seem too impersonal to me. Because I *do* get a thrill from direct, personal service, like serving me a meal, massaging my feet, attending to my every whim. But that’s something that the sub is doing *directly* for me. Serving me via cleaning my house puts the chore in between us. Like he’s actually subbing to my apartment, or something.

….and of course, it’s possible that — as always — I think about these things too much.