I got my rope from Twisted Monk yesterday — 30 feet of the color of the month, which is described on the Web site as “strawberry red,” but really is more of a deep brick red, almost a burgundy.

Have you ever smelled hemp rope? It smells…almost edible, if that makes any sense. I don’t mean that it smells like food; it’s just a rich, strong smell, like a cross between newly mown hay and a woodpile.* And I know those aren’t edible, but something about the combination (and hemp rope really has its own smell, not actually a combination of hay and wood) makes it seem like Paul Bunyan should be eating it.

Uh, yeah. Somehow, I don’t think Twisted Monk will be hiring me to write their product descriptions any time soon.

I had far too much to do after work yesterday to do more than take it out of the box, uncoil it, and run it through my hands a little. And tonight? Well, if The Boy comes over, that’s a guarantee that the rope will get broken in. Don’t know yet if he’s coming over, though. Darn these real-life responsibilities that get in the way of kink! Darn them to heck!

Maybe it’s time to give self-bondage a try….

*(And if you’ve never smelled newly mown hay or a woodpile, you’re missing out, let me tell you.)