I have a birthday coming up, and it occurred to me that the best birthday present a girl could get herself would be some of Twisted Monk’s rope of the month. Come on — look at that color! I *had* to buy it!

And, given that I’ve just recently ventured into the realm of being a rope Top — at least, some of the time [g] — I have very little rope, and no hemp rope at all. That needed to be rectified. I’ve been tied with hemp rope, and used T.’s hemp rope to tie him, but this is the 21st century — a girl needs her own rope, no matter how much rope her partner already owns!

For his part, T. is very pleased that I’m getting Twisted Monk’s color of the month, because he knows that means that he’ll be getting tied up in it just as soon as I get it. I like that in a guy.