A few weekends ago, T. and I went to a 3-day convention (is that the right word for it? “gathering of kinksters”?), which was a lot of fun and pretty educational. There were classes/workshops offered all weekend, on everything from fire play to flogging. I attended a class on breath play (which is something that I’m not ready to do or have done to me, but I think more knowledge never hurts), one on CBT (which gave me some wonderfully wicked ideas), “Care and Feeding of Your Submissive” (which, despite the lighthearted name, was about how to maintain a healthy relationship when your relationship has a deliberate imbalance of power), and BDSM and the Law. Interesting stuff, all the way around.

The vendors’ area was dangerous — at least, to my bank account! I bought a huge amount of 3/8-inch MFP rope (purple!), some smaller lengths of skinny cord (about 3.5 mm, I think) that will be perfect for CBT, and a gorgeous bullhide flogger from MT Leather.

There was a fetish ball Friday night (not a play party, though some people were dressed in full fetish wear — and pony gear….YUM!) and a play party on Saturday night. I often get to see some truly amazing scenes/play/technique at play parties, and this one was no exception. Watching others’ scenes is (almost) as good as participating in my own. I love the group gestalt and energy that can get generated at a play party. It doesn’t always happen; sometimes play parties just feel like a series of isolated scenes, with no real group cohesiveness. But when it does happen, it’s a rush just being in the dungeon and watching, let alone the thrill of playing in the middle of all that, aware of all the energy around you even as you’re focused intently on your partner(s). This play party was like that, and it was fantastic.