So, I got to try out T.’s pony bit and bridle the other night. He thought I could try it and see if I liked it before trying it at a party.

Uh….I’d say, HELL yeah, I liked it. Even the simple act of him putting the bridle on me started to bring about a mental shift for me, more so even than the mental shift that occurs when I get tied up or flogged. He patted me and rubbed my shoulder the way you would with, well, a real horse, and I put my head down and nudged him with it, the way horses do. He told me I was a pretty pony, and clipped a chain to the bridle and led me over to the door to tether me out of the way. Being a stubborn pony, I decided I didn’t want to be led that way, and refused to budge, until T. tugged a little more sharply on the chain. Even then I did that annoyed pony headshake thing they do, which made T. laugh. I stomped a foot warningly at him (and also at his cats when they came near, which made T. tell the cats “Better stay out of the barn, guys!”), but he persisted and led me over to the door and left me tethered there for a while. He came back a little later with a book of John Willie’s bondage magazine Bizarre, and told me to look through it, and when I saw illustrations of other ponies, to let him know by stomping. Which I dutifully did.

The hard rubber bit bag made my jaw sore after a while, though — maybe an hour? So the next time T. came through, I asked if I could take the bit and bridle off. It’s funny — I didn’t even *think* of taking it off without asking permission first. It’s not hard at all to slip right into those roles.

I really liked my initial foray into pony play. I’m hoping there will continue to be more.