So, I seem to be embracing the kinky lifestyle with enthusiasm. One of the BDSM groups in the area — about 2 hours away — is having a huge shindig this weekend, and, as many of the local groups tend to do, invited all the *other* local groups. Including, obviously, ours. I wasn’t planning on going, b/c it’s organized as a party for couples/trios, and I’m very much single.

However. (You knew there had to be a “however,” right? Otherwise this is a lame entry.) The group asked M., our electric play guru, if he would come to the shindig and do an electric play demo. We had a meeting this past Sunday, and M. asked me if I was interested in coming along as his electric demo guinea pig. Naturally, my interest was piqued.

The party sounds fun — here’s part of the description from the invitation:

Join us for a night of fun and debauchery on Saturday, July 30th. There will be an abundance of dungeons, private spaces, foods, plenty of soft drinks and even a moderate amount of more interesting libations. Fetish wear, costumes, formal attire…or no attire at all…is all very much encouraged.

Borrowing from the spirit of “The Story of O,” all guests will rendezvous and park at an appointed location. They’ll be met there by The Guide and will take a short limousine ride to The Castle. Once inside the limo, subs will be provided blindfolds and requested to leave them on until instructed to remove them inside The Castle. The party will commence once all guests have arrived at The Castle.

A decent handful of people from my BDSM group are going to be there also, so there’ll be enough of a familiarity factor there that I should feel pretty comfortable. M. e-mailed me to plan when we’re leaving, etc., and made a point to tell me that whatever limits I have on how we interact at the party is fine with him. Which is very thoughtful of him. (Different people in the group obviously have different relationships with their spouses/SOs, and for some, playing with other people is okay, some are poly, and some play just with each other. I haven’t quite sussed out exactly what M. and his wife have agreed on, but clearly playing with other people is okay. Though, really, there are so many different things that can fall under the category of “play,” that’s kind of a disingenous statement for me to make.)

In any case, I’m happy to be his electric guinea pig, but beyond that, any traditionally sexual activity (for instance) is out of the question. And I plan to keep my clothes on. (Corset and skirt, so it’s not like I’ll be wearing a burqa.)

So. Not only have I joined a BDSM group and participated in the play parties, now I’m going to another city for another group’s play party to be the demo model for, of all things, electric play, and be, essentially, on display for a bunch of people I don’t know.

I have definitely fallen down the rabbit hole.