The BDSM group is having a play party this Saturday, with a theme of EXTREME FETISH PLAY PARTY! (yes, the e-mail used all caps, making it look like spam to me at first), with the invitation advising us to “Please feel free to come dressed in your finest and most outrageous fetish wear!”

Uh-huh. I e-mailed to RSVP, and asked (in what I hope wasn’t an unforgivably newbie manner) if *everyone* dresses in fetish wear, because, being new, I have none and don’t plan to acquire any in the near future, and if everyone *does* dress in fetish wear, would I look like a total tool in vanilla party clothes? I’m sure that not everyone does, or at least, from time to time people just wear vanilla party clothes, but I’m so damned NEW at this that I really needed to ask to calm my nerves.

This is SO new to me (duh), and I’ve never been to anything remotely like a BDSM play party, so, while I’m calm now, I expect to be kind of freaked out on Saturday, even though I’m only going to socialize and….observe, and not to actually participate in any of the less vanilla activities.