So I went to another BDSM group meeting tonight — not a meeting-meeting like last time, but a hang-out-and-drink-beer-at-a-bar meeting referred to as a “munch.” Everyone was in jeans and sweaters (though there were a few collars here and there, but none were ostentatious — this is a very conservative city, and anything viewed as deviant gets smacked down harder than in most cities our size), and it was, really, just hang out at a bar and drink beer and eat burgers and fries. Just a social, mingle-y thing.

So, of course, I was nervous as hell. Sitting in a meeting where a presentation is being given — that’s one thing. I don’t have to participate; I can sit and watch and listen. Kind of like going to the movies. But bar-mingle-y time? Ack! (You may imagine me doing the “Ack! Ack!” from Mars Attacks.)

And, yeah. It’s hard being the new person in any group. However, I’m not as socially inept as I tend to think I am. I went, and I talked to the few people I remembered from the first meeting — just basic Hi, how are you? chatting — and sat at a table with them. I listened a lot more than I talked, because a lot of their conversation, naturally, was about past events and other members, etc., etc. But the conversation drifted from topic to topic (cars, work, computers), and I offered up a quip from time to time.

I also talked with a guy, C., who asked me if I knew what happens at play parties, what to expect, that I knew I didn’t have to participate, etc. And then we talked about the scene in general, how long he’s been involved, what it’s like to be new, the benefits/safety of being part of a group, stuff like that.

So, yeah. It turned out pretty well, I think. Considering my fear of Social Events, I think it went VERY well.